Super Natural® Lawn Fertilizer

100% Organic & Natural Hand Crafted Blend

NO GMOs – Chicken Manure – Sewage Sludge (“Biosolids”) to taint the cleanliness or safety of our hand crafted blend.

People and Pet Safe

Trubiotic®— the Life and intelligence inside!
MycoApply Certified—the independent seal of approval that guarantees mycorrhizae is in our fertilizer.

Available sizes:

18lb • 40lb


Super Natural™ is a true pelletized and homogenous organic all-purpose lawn fertilizer that produces remarkable results, because nutrients are released quickly, yet continue to feed for several months. Ultra-premium scientific formula provides optimum levels of primary essential plant nutrients, including micronutrients and multi-minerals. TruBiotic® ensures organic nutrients are thoroughly broken down then released in the soil for grass roots to absorb them as they are needed. Promotes a hardy root system and adds life to your lawn. Feeds for several months.

Infused with TruBiotic® – consisting of “Five Champion Strains” of beneficial soil microbes and nine select strains of endo mycorrhizae— which contributes to drought tolerance, enhanced nutrient availability, and increased plant performance. The Dr. Earth® probiotics are a most complete “broad-spectrum” bio-active package designed to work synergistically with the raw organic nutrients that make up the Super Natural™ formula. This spectacular blend actually digests problematic thatch, builds soil health, promotes disease resistance and assists the growth of lush, super-green healthy lawns.

Rich in:

Wild-caught Alaskan Fish Meal, Wild-caught Alaskan Fish Bone Meal, High Country Feather Meal, Naturally Mined Potassium Sulfate, Valley Grown Alfalfa Meal, Calcium Sulfate (gypsum) and MicroActive™ Micronutrient-rich Seaweed Extract.

Ideal for:

Providing balanced and fast nutrition for all lawn types, including new lawns, fescue, bluegrass, ryegrass, St. Augustine, Bermuda grass and both cool season and warm season grasses.
Application: Apply a generous helping as directed with your spreader at time of seeding or laying down sod for a nutritional supply to maximize your lawns’ health potential.
Container: You can actually use Super Natural™ lawn fertilizer on bamboo plants in containers as bamboo is from the grass family.
Compost Tea: Makes compost tea – use as soil drench or foliar spray.

The Recipe for Success: Plant – Provide – Protect

Step 1 – Plant and amend soil with Dr. Earth® Natural Choice® Compost to top dress existing lawns or prepare for sod installation.

Step 2 – Provide nutrition with Dr. Earth® Super Natural™ fertilizer for all lawn types to ensure your healthy & lush lawn.

Step 3 – Protect from insects with Final Stop® Pro-Active™ Yard & Garden Insect Killer Spray and eliminate diseases with Final Stop® 3 Controls™ Disease Control Fungicide.

Target pH 6.5


Step 1: Plant Step 2: Provide Step 3: Protect

Our products are 100% Natural & Organic

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