Final Stop® Sprays

Organic Insect Killers, Fungicides & Herbicides.

By: Milo Shammas, Founder & Formulator

In many instances, even a combination of cultural, physical and biological controls won’t be enough to remedy a pest problem. In these cases you will face the choice of losing your harvest, flowers, and valuable plants or using organically acceptable insect sprays.

Organically acceptable pesticides and fungicides have three characteristics that distinguish them from their synthetic counterparts:
• They are derived from natural substances.
• They are generally less toxic to humans than synthetic pesticides.
• They break-down relatively quickly in the environment to harmless substances.

Farmers and homeowners used botanical pesticides to control both indoor and outdoor pests long before synthetic pesticides were formulated in the mid-1900s. Some of the earliest insecticides were extracted from plants growing in tropical forests and other natural environments, now grown commercially to produce botanical insecticides. Some of these natural components are made by grinding raw plant materials, such as flowers, roots, stems or seeds. Others are extracted from plant materials, then refined and purified into essential oils.
The general idea is to make a pungent insecticide that will fool pests into turning away from their favorite plants. These highly specialized essential oil blends—in the proper ratios—kill insects, deter insect feeding, and confuse the pests’ smell receptors (often located on their feet). These essential oils and other inert oils make pest habitats inhospitable; they also coat and suffocate insects, fungus’s and scales. Essential oils also reduce the number of pest eggs laid and the amount of feeding damage caused by a broad range of pests.

Final Stop® products provide the home gardener with an effective alternative to chemical sprays. Dr. Earth® insecticides, fungicide and herbicide are unique in their formulation with components that quickly kill and control the target naturally.

Formulated with essential oils and garlic extract to knockdown and kill insects and fungus quickly, the results can be seen anywhere from immediately to over a period of several minutes. Dr. Earth® Final Stop® works to block octopamine neuroreceptors. Octopamine is a chemical neurotransmitter that controls body movement and metabolism in insects and mites. The ingredients in Dr. Earth® interfere with the transmission of octopamine signals throughout an insect’s body. The interference of these signals leads to metabolic toxicity, immobilization and ultimately death.

Garlic extract has been proven to repel insects for several weeks or even longer. We also include several oils and molasses that will naturally stick to plant foliage. This ”gummy” carrier causes the insecticide to adhere to plant foliage for a long period of time, creating effective control.

We designed the dynamics of our essential oil blend, garlic extract, and specialized inert ingredients to work synergistically, killing insects and fungus within minutes. They also have the ability to repel insects for weeks. Dr. Earth® Final Stop® effectively controls a broad spectrum of insects and fungus’s through several active killing agents. The result is a natural, effective, broad-spectrum insecticide and fungicide whose active ingredients demonstrate repelling properties proven to kill and detract insects from attacking plants and controlling diseases naturally.

Dr. Earth® insecticides and fungicides are environmentally safe yet contain the most dynamic combination of active and inert ingredients designed to kill and control plant-destroying insects. Our sprays have the ability to not only control insects and fungus but to also rejuvenate plant growth! We have added natural, biological growth enhancers, providing gardeners with multiple benefits. The Dr. Earth® formula offers a new concept: a single product that combines quick, safe control with fast-acting plant growth and healing capabilities.

You deserve your harvest©,
– Milo

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