House Plant®: Potting Soil

100% Organic & Natural Hand Crafted Blend

NO GMOs – Chicken Manure – Sewage Sludge (“Biosolids”) to taint the cleanliness or safety of our handcrafted blend.

People and Pet Safe

Probiotic™— the Life and intelligence inside!
ProMoisture Hydrate®—keeping the intelligence alive with our unique patented technology infusing organic ALOE VERA GEL!
MycoApply Certified—the independent seal of approval that guarantees mycorrhizae is in our soil.

Available sizes:

12 Dry Quarts

Rich in:

Green-fed Earth Worm Castings, Soybean Meal, Seaweed Extract and a plethora of organic nutrients.

Ideal for:

All Indoor house plants, pothos, philodendron, palms, ferns, herbs and vegetables.
Containers: Excellent for use in all container sizes including Patio Containers and Hanging Baskets.

Planting: Provides abundant nutrients; ideal drainage.
Perk Up Existing Soil: May be added to existing soil in containers or pots to improve or enhance soil health, nutrient availability and physical properties.
Transplanting: Ideal mix to use at time of transplanting.
Compost Tea: Makes compost tea – use as soil drench or foliar spray; click on “videos” above to watch Gretchen make fresh compost tea.


Formulated from a fine selection of composted organic materials. Our blend is packed full of the organic materials that help plants become established. We only use: Forest Humus, Fir Bark, Peat Moss, Pumice, Earthworm Casting, Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Soybean Meal, MicroActive™ Seaweed Extract, Aloe Vera, Yucca Extract, Oyster Shell & Dolomite Limes. We have also included ProBiotic® beneficial soil Microbes plus both Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizae.

Target pH 6.5

Our products are 100% Natural & Organic

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