Welcome to the Dr. Earth Video Library!
Your resource for the organic gardening lifestyle!
The Roots of Dr Earth
Gardening and Nutrition with Dr Pratt "SuperFoods RX"
The Green juice of Life
Dr. Earth Product Information Part 1
Dr. Earth Product Information Part 2
How to Make A Fertilizer Tea
Dr. Earth Chosen as the Greenest Company in the Bay Area
World Introduction
Dr. Earth’s first customer in Hollywood California
Mycorrhizae and Nutrient Uptake
Using Starter Fertilizer & Planting Mix
Milo uses Fruit Tree Fertilizer
Milo uses Life All Purpose Fertilizer
Before and After All Purpose Fertilizer
Safe Products at home and in the Garden
Dr. Earth Walnut Ranch
Milo’s Health Tip
Who is our founder Milo
Formulating Ingredients
Building a Healthy Plant Cell From the Inside
The Dr. Earth Song

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